Friday, September 18, 2009


No weight loss :( 3 weeks of healthier eating with no weight loss.

I went back to the nutritionist. She said I need to incorporate more vegetables but for the most part I'm doing well. What irks me is that on top of eating well and doing well, I have been to the gym almost every single day and worked out HARD for the past 3 weeks. And no weight loss?

Tonight would be one of those great, reclusive Fridays ... Cuddled in bed with a side of fries and a pint of ice cream. Can't say I'm not considering skipping the gym for the aforementioned Plan B.

Bummed and Big-butted,
The VP


  1. Hey there,

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  2. Aw, that sucks! Especially when you have been working so hard. Even if you do cuddle up to a pint and fries tonight, tomorrow is a new day. You can totally pick up where you left off and keep going. Maybe this next week will be the one where the lbs start dropping. But even if not, I am sure you feel better working out and eating healthier, right? Hope you are doing ok and not feeling too bad. I know I have been exactly where you are countless times, so I just wanted you to know there are others out there rooting for you!

  3. Thanks, Sarita! I wound up doing just that last night and feel GROSS this morning, and my stomach just isn't right from it. But you're right, I'll pick up where I left off today and not beat myself up about it. Thanks so much for the support ;)


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