Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tomorrow Never Comes

I've been a beast lately. Eating anything that's not nailed down. My skin is breaking out because of it and my clothes are fitting poorly. It drives me into such a state of uncomfortability that I'm in bed with the lights out in my fat-forgiving pajamas by 7:30pm. GROSS! I can't stand this "addiction" to food that I so clearly have. Even when I'm not hungry I can't stop myself! There is this constant "start tomorrow" chant that runs through my head. What about starting right now?

The VP


  1. I completely understand. We have so much in common. I have a pair of old Care Bear pj bottoms that are my "binge" bottoms. What to do? Everyday I say I am going to start over, but I am bogged down with the guilt from the night before. Oh, I feel your pain.


  2. Thanks, E... I feel it coming on again!


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