Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unexpected Challenges

Well, last night was a little difficult. Perhaps it was because I had taken 2 days of rest rather than 1? Or, I'll admit - I caved in to the disgusting habit of smoking yesterday a few times before the run. In any case, I finished Week 2 Workout 3, but didn't feel as great about it as I had been.

What inspired me to keep going yesterday was the knowledge that SP is doing this with me, so I need to stick with it.

Is it bad to run everyday? I love the high after a run, so why do I need to rest between them? Plenty of people run everyday, don't they?

The VP

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  1. Ou! Your shout out made me squee a little inside :)
    I was thinking the same thing about running every day. The endorphin high was so great post-workout that I wanted it again today. But I didn't run today. I think the idea behind a rest day in between workouts is so you don't burn out. I may do something else on rest days, like strength training.
    And I feel your pain about the ciggies. While I don't smoke any more, I have on and off in the past for years. Keep going VP!


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