Monday, January 4, 2010

Candy Mask

Sooooo sorry for the lag, folks. I couldn't stop enjoying my week and 1/2 long vacation long enough to write!

So, running is going well. Dropped the speed down to 5.5 the other day and ran for 8 minutes straight. Epic for me! I also tried a yoga class. It wasn't too difficult to get through (besides ignoring the flighty language and dippy instructor while trying to concentrate on the moves) but I was so sore for the following two days, in a wonderful, wonderful way. I'll definitely try it again, though running is where it's at for me right now.

Went right back on the carbs at Christmas and ate, oh, I dunno... like 89 crackers and 7 dinner rolls. Did a little better during the week and then flubbed up at New Years again and ate soooooo much candy. I have to say, I don't feel heavier per say, but my skin is atrocious. It's enough to make me stick to fruits and veggies, nuts and beans all the time. The added sugar of the candy just put my complexion in a bad place, and my energy is shot from all the complex carbs.

So I want to take tonight off from the gym (I took yesterday off too so this is a risky game)
because I have to unpack, food shop, and set a serious facial mask of some sort to get rid of these pimples. So, I'll allow myself this, and will hit the gym every day for the rest of the week. Deal? Deal.

Happiest of New Years!
The VP

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