Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fat and Frumpy

Well, that last post was a crock. I still haven't worked out.............

At all...............

Since Saturday.

And I've been maintaining life on a diet of chips and candy for an entire week now. My legs were actually SWOLLEN last night from the salt and sugar. Sweatpants that literally fell off of me to the ground the last time I put them on actually fit like a glove last night. Scratch that - they were tight. I holed myself in bed at 6pm and ate until I fell asleep. What's with the self-sabotage? It had been awhile. I guess I thought I as cured.

I feel like mush. I started back on the right track today and am hoping to get to the gym tonight, but God, I'm defeated. By no one but myself :(

Fat and frumpy,
The VP

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