Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soda Cake

Anyone on a diet is about to LOVE me for sharing this... On WW, each slice is ONE POINT!

Mix one box of powder cake mix with one full can of diet soda (any kind) instead of the oil and eggs, then bake it per the instructions on the box.

I tried it when I got home last night with Devil's Food cake mix and diet pepsi - DELICIOUS! My coworker said she did it with a Black Forrest cake mix and diet black cherry soda. Next I want to try Angel's Food cake with diet orange soda.

Couldn't you just DIE?!??!
The VP


  1. That soda cake sounds amazing.

    Maybe I'll try it with gluten free cake mix since I can't have gluten and see how it turns out.

  2. DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT try this with Angel Food Cake. I learned the hard way last night. Angel Food Cake doesn't require eggs and oil, only water, so substituting the water with diet sprite (yeah - I did it) only creates an explosion.

    DO, however, try Carrot Cake with diet sprite. I'm eating it for breakfast with coffee right now ;)

  3. Instead of soda, you can also use seltzer.

    It also works with brownies but you only have to use 6oz of seltzer/soda per box.


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